The Department of Hospitality and International Tourism Management at the European Conference TIPS4SKILLS

neobusiness1Students of the BA (Hons) Hospitality and International Tourism Management attended the works of the European conference "TIPS4SKILLS", a skills-sharing gathering that took place on October 23rd 2014 at the premises of the Hellenic-American Union. The conference was organized by Militos Consulting SA and the Hellenic-American Union on behalf of the consortium of the European project CORE-VET and with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the EU.

During the conference, distinguished Tourism and Hospitality professionals shared their experience, know-how and unique professional history and diagnosed the necessary skills for tourism professionals. Most speakers pointed out the significance of practical placement during studies in Tourism, as well as the fact that the sector should not be connected only with the necessary knowledge, but also with the special talents and skills a professional could have.

Mobility was also mentioned as an important success factor in the profession from the aspect that professionals should have the theoretical, technical and interpersonal skills necessary, in order to succeed and be able to respond to customer's needs and complaints during the provision of their services. The lack of specialization and high quality studies in Tourism and Hospitality lead to professionals with limited skills and no ability to adjust to the sector's recent demands and to new technologies.

The students' attendance in similar events is necessary, in order to encourage networking, bring them in the front line of their profession and keep them updated about all the latest international trends in Tourism.