computing redΜSc Electronic and Electrical Systems Engineering

Why choose the ΜSc Electronic and Electrical Systems Engineering?

   ΜSc Electronic and Electrical Systems Engineering
  Gain professional competencies for the dynamic field of modern electronic engineering.
  Strong focus on practical applications and design aspects of electronic systems rather than only theoretical analysis and detail.
  Parallel attending the seminar ‘’Efficient Embedded System Design’’, from the leading ARM company. The Metropolitan College is currently the only ARM Certified CPDE Training Partner in South European Union.
  Experiment with a wide range of embedded systems kits and control applications including motion mechanisms and control.
  Experiment with a wide range of high voltage and current systems, including synchronous and asynchronous electric machines and corresponding controller drives.
  Access to advanced technology and laboratory equipment for RF and wireless measurement systems.
  Independent research project in modern specialized laboratories and technological equipment.
  Flexible class schedule ideal for the busy professionals and for completing the programme in one academic year.
  Νearly all students from this course have found a job directly related to their studies within six months from seeking employment.


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