xairetismos   Welcome

 kaliopi rodopouluOn behalf of the Academic Board and the academic staff of our College, I warmly welcome you to our new academic year. Since 1982, Metropolitan College (AMC) has been offering a vast choice of academic programmes of study to many young people, in an academic environment in line with international standards of well-known educational institutions around the world.

Our high calibre academic staff, holding scientific education and instructive experience in their field, combined with our collaboration with distinctive overseas universities and educational institutions, guarantee the realization of the vision set by Metropolitan College’s management years ago. All our courses take place in a fully-equipped academic environment and all our programmes are based on genuine academic traditions. The theoretical knowledge offered in each cognitive field is the threshold for further academic and scientific progress of our graduates or for their adjustment in today’s challenging employment market.

Only with academic education can one ensure one’s professional flexibility and the ability to adapt in the continuously changing conditions of employment of post-modern societies. With theoretically-founded academic programs and with the best possible combinations between them, our main aim is to develop critical thinking, rationalisation, problem-solving skills and make life choices available to our students, all of which are necessary conditions for the smooth operation of our society in our times.

The amplification of higher education in our country that came with the recognition of professional rights of graduates of private colleges collaborating with EU academic institutions, leads to free competition among the public and private educational institutions in Greece, which will have, as elsewhere, positive results for the recipients of their educational services, for our students and for the society as a whole.

We are confident that Metropolitan College will be a leader and a strong contributor in this great effort.

I wish you good luck with your studies and I welcome you to Metropolitan College!

Kalliopi Rodopoulou

Managing Director
Metropolitan College