Universities UK International (UUKi) visits Metropolitan College

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Metropolitan College had the honor to welcome Ms Vivienne Stern, Director of Universities UK International, to its main campus in Maroussi. Universities UK International (UUKi) represents 136 British Universities throughout the world and works to enable them to flourish internationally.

The focus of the discussion she had with members of the College Senior Management was the further enhancement of the links between United Kingdom Universities and Greece, and the role Metropolitan College could play as the largest UK TNE provider in Greece*, as well as the mobility of British students abroad, especially in light of the upcoming Brexit.

Ms Stern - who was accompanied by Ms Anastasia Andritsou, Director of the British Council, Ms Maria Tsakali, Director of Education of the British Council and Ms Katerina Feggarou, Education Marketing Manager of the British Council in Greece - enjoyed a full campus tour during her visit.

* According to the annual report of Universities UK International, Greece continues to be among the top 20 countries providing UK TNE education. The fact that Metropolitan College is the largest college in Greece in student numbers and in the variety of UK academic programmes offered, leads to the conclusion that it is the largest UK TNE provider in Greece.