AKMI Educational Group Managing Director Kalliopi Rodopoulou awarded "Dynamically Developing Entrepreneur" of the Year 2017

rodopoulouThe AKMI Educational Group Managing Director, Ms Kalliopi Rodopoulou, received the "Dynamically Developing Entrepreneur" award in the context of "Ernst & Young" 2017 Greek Entrepreneur of the Year competition. The glamorous award ceremony was held at the Athens Concert Hall, and was attended by top representatives of the business, institutional and academic field, who honoured Greek business excellence and its contribution to the economy of our country.

The pioneering building infrastructure, the use of new technologies, the emphasis on and investment in graduate employability as well as the international orientation, achievements that have contributed to the promotion of the leading position of the AKMI Educational Group, were the main parameters that led to this top award .

The award was presented by the Chairman of the independent nine-member jury, Mr Spyros Theodoropoulos. Ms Rodopoulou made a moving speech with references to the catalytic contribution of her family, and said: "When I started in the early 1980s with the founding of the first school of Childhood Studies, with just six students, I did not think I would be here today, in front of you, to be rewarded for the leadership of AKMI Vocational Training Institute and Metropolitan College. Today, more than 18,000 active students study in our Educational Group across Greece in more than 160 modern and competitive specialties. This achievement is the result of hard work and firm commitment to our goal of providing pioneering education, based on international standards, a goal we serve with tenacity, zeal and passion."

Ms Rodopoulou thanked ERNST & YOUNG for the perfect organization of the five-month event, congratulating the company on the institutionalization of the awards, and completed her speech with an optimistic message about the future, saying: "I think we will finally succeed, we will turn over this bleak page of our History, we will come back to light and we will move dynamically, as we, Greeks, have learned to move forward, overcoming all sorts of difficulties."

The institution of ERNST & YOUNG is the most prestigious award for business people worldwide. It highlights those who excel due to their high performance, pioneering thinking, leadership skills, growth dynamics, innovative spirit and social sensitivity. The aim of ERNST & YOUNG is to reward, promote and internationally recognize these entrepreneurs, who, in the coming years, will be the driving force behind economic growth.