Brilliant Graduation Ceremonies of Metropolitan College in Athens and Thessaloniki

grad newsIn a joyful and thrilling atmosphere, more than 700 graduates of the Metropolitan College in Athens and Thessaloniki threw their hats high up to celebrate the successful completion of their studies at two glorious graduation ceremonies that took place at the Athens Olympic Cycling Centre and the Vellidio Conference Centre in Thessaloniki, respectively.

At the graduation ceremonies, attended by more than 3,500 distinguished guests and graduates’ family members, all graduates were applauded as they received their degrees from 25 different undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study, through a franchise collaboration with two prestigious British universities, the University of East London and Queen Margaret University.

The well-known journalist and editor, Nikos Hatzinikolaou, was the main presenter of the event at the Athens Olympic Cycling Centre. The opening of the ceremony was marked by a spectacular bicycle show while the graduates and academics entered the arena of the bustling Olympic Cycling Centre. Following this, Mr Konstantinos Rodopoulos, President of the Board of Directors of Metropolitan College addressed the audience, congratulated the graduates and thanked their families for their trust in Metropolitan College as well as their support throughout their children’s studies. He said: "I believe that in the next few years we will need the whole Olympic Stadium for the Graduation Ceremony. Both graduates and their parents take credit for this spectacular growth of Metropolitan College through their trust in quality education all these years. We are also grateful to our prestigious collaborating British Universities, which have enabled us to provide the degrees of these institutions to our graduates. And we are committed to continuing the good work because we have a vision for a better tertiary education. We will be worthy of your aspirations, because our graduates are our recognition."

The event in Athens continued with the award of the "Extroverted Entrepreneurship and Internationalization" prize to Mr Spyros Theodoropoulos, Chipita's Chief Executive Officer. The prize was awarded by Mr Konstantinos Rodopoulos as a token of recognition of Mr Theodoropoulos' contribution to the international development of Chipita. In his speech, Mr Theodoropoulos warmly congratulated the graduates of Metropolitan College and their families for the successful completion of their studies and shared with them - in an inspiring speech - suggestions for the new beginning in their lives: "After the evening tonight, you will enter a new phase of your life, that of a full adult, in the sense that you will be fully responsible for your own lives. The first and most basic thing is to follow your heart. Find what you care about in life, what gives you pleasure and do the job. In this way, you will definitely succeed. Never accept that you are not good enough. Stay away from people limiting your ambitions. Do not forget that your luck will be determined by your hard work. Nothing is achieved in life without struggle and sacrifice. Good Luck in Your Lives".

The excitement during the ceremony at the Olympic Cycling Stadium peaked as the attendants welcomed the top international basketball player Dimitris Diamantidis, who was honored for his ethos and contribution to the success of Greek basketball. During his brief speech, he congratulated the graduates, wished them a successful career, and stressed the important role of their families who, with their support, contributed to the achievement of their children's goals.

Senior academic staff from the two collaborating British Universities attended the ceremonies in Athens and Thessaloniki. Namely, the University of East London was represented by Professor Nora Ann Colton, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) of the University who warmly congratulated all graduates saying: "I am excited to be here on this special day. The University of East London and Metropolitan College have worked closely together to offer you a range of innovative curricula, with vast employment opportunities. And we are particularly proud of this collaboration and high-quality results in the educational process. Dear graduates, congratulations on your success and remember that your current graduation is only the beginning of your education. The rapid changes of the
modern era, globalization and the evolution of technology make lifelong learning a necessity. You are the future leaders and you have to learn to adapt to change”. Similarly, the Deputy Principal of Queen Margaret University, Dr Richard Butt, addressed graduates in a festive tone: "It is my honour to be with you today and congratulate you on your success. Your graduation is a celebration opportunity marking the beginning of your professional life and a brilliant future. Queen Margaret University feels proud of its long-standing collaboration with Metropolitan College, for almost 20 years. Many of you graduating today are the fruits of this collaboration."

Both graduation ceremonies in Athens and Thessaloniki brilliantly closed with the award of the "AMC Best Student Tudor Prize" to the graduate in each city with the highest overall score. The prize was a courtesy of the famous Swiss watch company TUDOR, the products of which are available in Greece through ROLEX HELLAS.