Metropolitan College’s 2016 distinctions and awards

linkedin post brabeiaThree major awards, which highlight the educational excellence and leadership, was the outcome of Metropolitan College’s participation in "Education Business Awards 2016" and "Greek Hospitality Awards 2016" competitions. All three awards came to acknowledge the leading and innovative role of Metropolitan College in providing higher education services in Greece, in collaboration with prestigious foreign universities.

Metropolitan College’s Faculty of Tourism was awarded as "Best Hotel Education Provider" in Greek Hospitality Awards 2016. This exceptional distinction highlights the College’s high level of tourism studies and its wide network of collaborating hotel chains and tourism companies for the necessary student placements.

Furthermore, Metropolitan College was also awarded as “Best Infrastructure – Facilities in Education” in Education Business Awards 2016, in recognition of its state-of-the-art academic facilities that meet the stringent requirements of the collaborating universities, improve the learning experience and meet the most modern aesthetic, technological and architectural standards in education. In addition, the College received the award of “Best Marketing Strategy in Education”, in recognition of its extroversion and provision of adequate information to potential students, during their search and study selection process.