Free Psychological Support Programme by the Department of Psychology

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The Department of Psychology of Metropolitan College in Athens - within the College's CSR initiatives and with the aim to offer to the community as a whole - is initializing a new Programme, offering free psychological support for adolescents and adults.

The therapy - which of course follows the relevant code of Conduct - is handled by experienced certified professionals, and is completed in 12 sessions. The therapy aims to help participants to handle psycho-emotional difficulties (such as stress, depression etc.), malfunctions in their relations with the significant others as well as family issues (parent counselling). Cases with serious psychopathologies cannot be handled within this Programme, and will be referred to the appropriate external Clinics of the placement network collaborating with the Department.

The Programme is part of the post-graduate Clinical and Community Psychology students of Metropolitan College and will help them "translate" the learnt theory into practice, and also to develop all the necessary skills for their future profession in the specific sector. Through the Programme, students will have the unique opportunity to watch various cases, always with the patient's previous consent.

As the Programme is open to the community and the public, and in order to achieve the participants' best possible service and necessary quality standards, Metropolitan College has ensured specific screening procedures regarding incoming requests.

Additional information and appointment requests can be sent at: