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HRC INTERNATIONAL Career Day at Metropolitan College

Photo 2The multinational company HRC International held a Career Day at the main Auditorium of the Maroussi Campus on Tuesday, November 8, exclusively for the Metropolitan College students of the Faculty of Tourism. The event was a great success as it attracted the majority of the students.

HRC International, founded in Holland in 1995, is a dynamic company specializing in career counselling, management training and human resource development for the tourism industry. Today it has offices in many countries and has handled more than 5,000 executives-graduates from Tourism Schools worldwide. Important brands of the industry, such as Hilton International, Westin, Marriott Hotels, Sheraton, Sofitel - Accor Hotels & Resorts and many more are part of its customer base.

In the context of the Career Day, internship opportunities in the tourism industry available overseas were presented making the option of an international career a realistic one for our graduates. The company was represented by Kelly van Woezik and Shauni Vrosch, Career Consultants of HRC International, who exchanged views with our students over employment prospects available to them in other countries in Europe and the USA, at five-star-hotel chains. Following the presentation, the representatives of HRC International interviewed our students to assess their profile with the aim of drawing up a suitable job offer for every one of them. At the same time, the Career Office of Metropolitan College, in close collaboration with HRC International, provides employment opportunities overseas to our students and alumni throughout the year.

It is worth noting that Metropolitan College, fully aware of the intensely competitive environment of international hospitality, promotes the direct link between education and the labour market, while equipping students with multicultural values, an essential feature of people employed in the tourism industry.