MSc Business Psychology

Why choose the MSc Business Psychology?

   Accredited programme of studies in Business Psychology offered in Greece by a UK University.
  Successful completion of programme MSc Business Psychology at Metropolitan College leads to the award of Master of Science by the University of East London.
  Degree awarded by the University of East London which is classified 2nd in the choice of students for Psychology studies on the basis of the national student satisfaction survey in London (National Student Satisfaction Survey, London, 2014).
  Specialized curriculum in Psychology with applications in small and medium-sized businesses, a highly sought-after specialization in the job market.
  Emphasis on research and practice, through case studies of real companies.
  Projects carried out in companies/organizations, aiming at the provision of relevant consultancy services.
  Educational seminars by human resources staff on coaching, crisis management, incentives, etc.
  Flexible class schedule ideal for working students; completion of studies within one academic year. 


Business Psychology deals both with the relation of the individual with their work, and with the relations of people at the workplace. The MSc Business Psychology was designed in order to provide all the necessary knowledge and scientific background to those who wish to as professional psychologists in this sector. The particular sector is characterized by significant growth, given that Human Resources Management in an increasingly challenging market environment where the amangement of crises is frequent constitutes a critical success factor. The programme has a contemporary and realistic orientation and is mainly addressed to psychologists. However, its competitive advanatge and significant difference compared to most programmes in that area is that it is also addressed to other higher education graduates (e.g. graduates in Business Administration, Human Resources Management, etc). Students will study the models, concepts and practical applications of Organisational Psychology, for the best understanding and optimum handling of attitudes and behaviors of people in the contemporary business. Organisational Psychology constitutes a sub-discipline of Applied Psychology and is aiming at increasing the efficiency of an organization/company/system and the work satisfaction and prosperity of workers. The programme covers all eight fields of knowledge and professional education required from those who work in this sector. Teaching includes lectures, seminars, workshops, guest speeches, presentations and analysis of actual case-studies as well as educational visits to companies and organizations.

Duration: 1 year


Career Prospects

The MSc Business Psychology is addressed to a wide range of graduates and professionals – besides psychologists. Graduates in Business Administration, Human Resources, Marketing, Economics, etc, who wish to pursue a career in disciplines such as Human Resources Administration and Professional Development may also want to apply. Graduates can:

      • Work in the Human Resources Administration of companies and organizations.
      • Work as Human Resources, Administration or Career Development counsellors.
      • Continue their studies at doctoral level.
      • Engage in teaching and research. 





    • Selection and assessment
  • Organisational behaviour and organizational development
  • Human- machine interaction


    • Training and development
  • Appraisal and career development
  • Design of the environment and the work


    • Employee relations and motivation
  • Counselling and individual development
  • Research methods and statistics


    • Dissertation
  • Professional practice


Admission Requirements

The MSc Business Psychology programme is addressed to a wide range of graduates and professional (Psychology, Business Administration, Human Resources, Marketing, Economics graduates, etc) who wish to pursue a career in the field of Human Resources.

Required documentation:

    • Copy of University degree (issued by Greek or foreign Universities in the aforementioned subject areas)
    • At least two years professional experience in the field (desirable not compulsory)
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Copy of Identity Card
    • Passport-sized photos
    • Copy of English language certificate (if required)
    • Other certificates/degrees
    • AMC Aplication Form

A personal interview complements the evaluation of the above documentation.

Candidates without a degree, but with relevant professional experience and proven knowledge of the subject matter are encouraged to apply.


Academic Staff

The academic staff of the School of Humanities consists of distinguished lecturers, holders of Masters and PhD degrees with extensive research and teaching experience at Greek and foreign Universities plus professional recognition in their field of expertise.

In their majority they also work in various settings, institutions, clinics, hospitals, schools, nurseries, NGOs, private companies, etc. as psychologists, education experts, special educators, etc. and have extensive professional experience in their field of expertise who can familiarize students with the latest methods and help them put to practice the theoretical knowledge they acquire in class.



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