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The mission of the Faculty of Human Sciences at Metropolitan College is the training of new professionals and scientists in a wide range of academic fields whose main concern is human behavior within society. The Faculty Departments cover areas such as Psychology, Early Childhood Studies and Special Education Needs.

The academic programmes of study offered –at both undergraduate and postgraduate level– are people-oriented and are based on the use of the most advanced teaching methods in Education, while at the same time they all encourage research. Students are taught to understand and interpret human behavior and its various facets, but also to identify the factors which affect it.

Our graduates acquire a rich educational background and extensive professional skills which help them compete in today’s demanding job market and forge a successful career path. They stand out for the highest level of academic knowledge, but also for their ability to implement cutting-edge methodology in Humanities. Thus, they are able not only to follow a successful career in their chosen field but also to continue their studies at postgraduate level in Greece and abroad.

Welcome to the Faculty which aims at making our world better!


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