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Why choose the Kitchen Professional Diploma | VET BY EHL?

  Τhe globally recognized tourism educational program VET by EHL offered for the 1st time in Greece by Metropolitan College.
  EHL Group encompasses EHL University of Hospitality Management, the world’s best Hospitality and Leisure Management University, according to QS World University ranking 2019.
  Access to an international alumni network consisted by distinguished hospitality professionals.
  Best-in-class Swiss quality hospitality training programmes.
  The successful completion of all certificates leads to Professional Diploma.
  The VET by EHL programme combines the experience and philosophy of Swiss Hospitality Education.


During this stream students will be exposed to different types of cuisine and kitchen operations in order to acquire the necessary skills to be operational in a kitchen. This stream provides students with the know-how to take on a supervisory role with a better understanding of managing a kitchen and pursue a career in international gastronomy sector. This programme will conclude with relevant internship that leads to the final diploma.

Career prospects

By completing the stream and the internship included, students will have gained all the required skills and knowledge to take on a supervisory and administrative role in large modern hotel units, with a better understanding of managing a kitchen.

Programme Levels

stadia programmatos