Student Life

   Student Life 


Student Life at AMC offers a unique, diverse and fulfilling environment, where students are encouraged to seize opportunities that will broaden their horizons by exploring their limits, discovering new interests and making life-long friendships.

Our Campuses

AMC has invested heavily in providing its students with first-class campus facilities. We take pride in providing all our students with a fulfilling education, as well as an active social life. AMC's campuses have been built according to the highest standards of architecture and operation. Students have the opportunity to study in ideal conditions which consist of the state-of-the-art labs for each field of study, the Library, the Lecture Theatres, the teaching rooms, the recreation and sports facilities. All the above help students reach academic excellence, as well as enjoy a pleasant student life. Our campuses are accessible to students with special needs.

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  • Sports@AMC Open or Close

    AMC offers a fully-equipped, modern Sports Centre just a few metres from campus, with an indoor swimming pool, a gym and group exercise programmes (aerobics, zumba dance, stretching etc) free of charge for its students during class period (October to June). Apart from sports, it will be a great opportunity for you to make new friends from different backgrounds and meet like-minded young people. Seats at the Sports Center are limited and memberships are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, so hurry and apply for a seat after your enrollment!

    The Gym: the gym is equipped with high quality equipment (TechnoGym, CYBEX, POWER PLATE). This programme is prepared by experienced instructors that are always ready to assist you, answer any potential queries during training and also upgrade the difficulty level of your programme!

    The Pool: the swimming activities give people of all ages the opportunity to participate, making our indoor swimming pool one of the most essential components. In our 5-lane (25 metres) Olympic-size pool, members – always under the supervision of a swimming instructor – can a) work out, get fit and bring their technique to perfection, b) take part in Aqua Aerobic programmes and c) materialize their rehabilitation plans.

    Group Exercise: you can enroll in a class of aerobics, yoga, zumba dance or stretching, depending on your needs and preferences. Group classes take place in the afternoon-evening zone, as well as during weekends.

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    Moreover, during the Spring semester , AMC organizes 5x5 football and 3on3 basketball tournaments, where teams of students coming from various schools compete.

  • Culture@AMC Open or Close

    During various Cultural events, AMC welcomes distinguished artists, scientists, lecturers and businessmen of the arts community in Greece. Moreover, students are strongly encouraged to participate in various cultural groups and communities, according to their interests. It is a great opportunity to meet new friends with common interests as well as people from different cultural backgrounds. Students run a variety of organized extra- curricular activities, including:

    • Cinema Club
    • Music Group
    • Dance Group
    • Theatre Group
  • Extra-curricular Activities@AMC Open or Close

    AMC offers every student the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities designed to develop leadership skills and guide them through a journey of personal development and growth.

    Our students have the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities including


    Sport Tournaments

    Student Clubs

    Annual Developing U – series of lectures, and more

  • Invited Speakers@AMC Open or Close

    AMC organizes various training seminars, scientific conferences and workshops for our students on any subject of study throughout the academic year, and strongly encourages students to actively participate in such events organized by third parties. The infrastructure at AMC [lecture theatres of 150-200 seats and audiovisual equipment] offers the ideal backdrop for such events. Many renowned scientists and professionals have delivered lectures or presentations on our campus, through our “Invited Speakers@AMC” programme.

  • Food@AMC Open or Close

    AMC offers a cafe / snack bar open from 09:30 to 19:00. Students can enjoy a variety of coffees, tea, hot chocolate, refreshments as well as light snacks.



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