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Metropolitan College is your one-stop service provider for your next faculty-led programme delivered in Greece. The great advantage about partnering with Metropolitan College on this is that we can assist and provide you with tailor-made suggestions in designing and ultimately delivering your programme not only in the cities where Metropolitan College has a campus presence, but also elsewhere in Greece. Through our campuses which are located from North to South of Greece and in collaboration with our well-knit network of business partners and providers, we will take care of your programme logistics while in Greece: campus classroom and lab space, library facilities, airport transfer service, excursions, business field trips, etc.

From A to Z

  • We help you to deliver your own programme
  • Working with a dedicated on-site team
  • Offering hand-picked services and tailor made options                 
  • Focusing on academic principles and global knowledge                 
  • Immersing in authentic cultural values
  • In Greece, the crossroads of the civilizations

… For a real life-time experience

  • Crafting a study abroad programme is a journey by itself.
  • Share with us your ideas and needs and we will work on a one-to-one basis with you to create and deliver a tailor-made programme based on your expectations.
  • Offering flexible options, authentic ideas and creative suggestions will result in a high-quality itinerary.

Tailor-made services

  • Customized itineraries based on the programme objectives
  • Four campuses around Greece in Maroussi, downtown Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki
  • Campus Classroom and Lab space
  • Library facilities
  • Airport transfer service
  • Excursion setup
  • Business field trips
  • Apartment-style or hotel-style accommodation
  • Emergency assistance
  • Dedicated and experienced faculty, available to customize or supplement a course plan
  • A thorough orientation to host cities and cultures, including safety and security protocols, and welcome and farewell event
  • Welcome guide and maps for all students packed with practical information about their stay in Greece
  • Complimentary cell phone for the programme leader for the duration of the programme

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