The Department of Physiotherapy at the ENPHE Annual Meeting in Germany

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Mr Konstantinos Papakonstantinou, Head of the Department of Physiotherapy and Mrs Afrodite Evagelodimou, clinical coordinator of the same study programme represented Metropolitan College at the Annual Meeting of the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE). 

ΕΝΡΗΕ organizes a conference on an annual basis in one of the member countries, where academic staff and programme directors share their experiences and know-how on educational and research issues. In this year's conference, which was held in Bochum in Germany, 170 Physiotherapy academics and students participated from 20 European countries. Teaching in Physiotherapy programmes, interdisciplinary education, the principles of physiotherapy practice, as well as the implementation of technological advances and innovations during practice were some of the issues discussed, while participants shared new data and received information about the latest trends and updates of the profession. The aim was to establish specific guidelines regarding the teaching of Physiotherapy on a pan-European level. 

It is worth mentioning that Metropolitan College was the only educational group from Greece that attended ENPHE's annual meeting. Both Metropolitan College's representatives submitted their proposals based on Metropolitan College's rich educational experience and expertise in the particular subject of study. Mr Papakonstantinou and Mrs Evagelodimou had a meeting with ENPHE'S president, Mrs Patricia Almeida in order to investigate the development of Metropolitan College's cooperation with the recognized European institution.