‘MyBoukitsa’: Innovative Super Food from the Dietetics Department of Metropolitan College

mympou newsThe Health School of Metropolitan College is innovating once again with the creation of the new food product ‘MyBoukitsa’ by the Department of Dietetics, a result of the research work of both academics and students.

In the context of designing the product, the students themselves - under the supervision of the specialized and experienced nutritionists and dieticians of the Department - took into account the nutritional needs of a young consumer with a heavy academic curriculum and resulted in a delicious product, which helps concentration and fights fatigue. ‘MyBoukitsa’ is available free of charge at Metropolitan College in two flavours, black chocolate and cranberries, with great attention being paid to the packaging. Following research, the Department chose pioneering and easy-to-use packaging for the busy, modern young consumer who moves far away from home. The innovation of ‘MyBoukitsa’ lies in being easy to use and nutritious at the same time. It can be eaten either as a snack or by adding milk, yoghurt or orange juice to the practical box of the pack, at home, in the office, or during student breaks. At the same time, it is rich in nutrients and beneficial substances, but also tasty because of the innovative form of "crunchy crunchy bites".

Metropolitan College, through this particular project, significantly contributes to the role of University Education, providing comprehensive education with the necessary knowledge needed by young scientists, but also linking theory to the practice of the Dietetic profession. In this context, Metropolitan College also contributes to the preparation of skilled, trained graduates who can become more active and more easily integrated into working life as notable dieticians and nutritionists. Throughout the process, students perceive their own role in the community and have direct access to the labour market so that they are fully aware of what is expected of them as professionals.

‘MyBoukitsa’ is just the starting point of a range of innovative products from the Dietetics Department of Metropolitan College whose objective is to collaborate with companies to produce other innovative, functional food products, based on Greek raw materials, with the aim of strengthening the Greek food industry and actively and effectively engaging students, always under the supervision of their lecturers, in the design of functional foods, with the aim of enhancing human health.