Conferences from the School of Health of Metropolitan College Thessaloniki

photo thessThe School of Health of Metropolitan College of Thessaloniki recently organized with great success conferences in the fields of Biomedical Science and Physiotherapy, two domains in which the College offers recognized programmes of study.

More specifically, the Faculty of Biomedical Science organized the 1st Conference on "Biomedical Science at the Service of Obstetrics and Gynecology". The conference was attended by a number of distinguished speakers, academics and physicians specializing in their field, who touched upon contemporary areas in Obstetrics and Gynecology, such as HPV infection, prenatal diagnosis, open and laparoscopic gynecological surgery and assisted reproduction.

In addition, the Faculty of Physiotherapy organized the 1st Physiotherapy Conference on "Physiotherapy and Functional Rehabilitation", with a number of distinguished guest speakers, who elaborated on contemporary issues of Pediatric, Athletic, Neurological and Functional Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. The conferences were attended by a number of professionals and students, who had the opportunity to discuss with the speakers and participate in workshops.