The School of Dietetics at the 1st Student Conference of the UK Nutrition Society

diaitologia newsStudents of the AMC School of Dietetics presented three research papers at the 1st Student Conference of the Governmental Nutrition Society, which was held in Chester, Great Britain on 8 and 9 September. The Nutrition Society is one of the largest scientific communities in Europe in the field of Nutrition & Health.

More specifically, students Argiro Lazaridou, Anais Renouf and Anna-Helena Tsitsimpikou, under the supervision of the Programme Leader, Dr Stavroula Stoupi, presented their research papers on the subject:

  • Impact of maternal and paternal body mass index on their preschool children’s body mass index. By A. Lazaridou, F. Bersimis and S. Stoupi.
  • Compliance of pregnant women from Athens Metropolitan area to the nutritional recommendations in relation to pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index (BMI). By A.S.C. Renouf, S. Stoupi and F. Bersimis.
  • The parental influence on children nutritional, physical activity and screen time habits. Pilot design of a nutrition education intervention to prevent childhood overweight and obesity in preschool children (4-6 years old) through every day kindergarten activities in Greece. Teacher training, parent involvement and effect of gardening. By A.E. Tsitsimpikou, G. Risvas, F. Bersimis and S. Stoupi.