Workshop during InfoCom Mobile World 2015 conference


The Department of Journalism of Metropolitan College organised a Workshop on Blogging, during this year's INFOCOM MOBILE WORLD Conference which took place on February 25th at Divani Caravel Hotel. During the conference, a series of Workshops is organised each year by "InfoCom Academy", covering a variety of subjects such as: applications for business, marketing, social media, coaching, management, security, Internet and startups, mobile trends.

The Workshop was entitled "«Blogosphere, the public sphere of the 21st century" and was presented by Mrs Magdalene Remoundou, Programme Leader of the Department. The Workshop covered issues such as:

► blogging: design, penetration and their impact in the global public eye
► blogger's benefits from blogging
► possible threats by the use of blogs
► incorporation of artistic creation (movies, music, performances etc) with the use of smart technology (smart phones etc).